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Teaching personal hygiene to our kids

I was reading an article a week ago which said that almost 85% of the patients are anxious at the dentist office. Most of the patients can be witnessed shaking their legs in anxiety while waiting outside the dental office. While almost 90% of the patients criss crossed their legs and clenched their hands to the chest on the bed during oral examination. This interesting read up made me cautious on my body language and was prepared not to be nervous at my regular dental checkup this week. I went inside the checkup room with a cool head and got seated in the reclining chair. My dental hygienist was a friendly guy which did not matter to me as he was always little harsh on my teeth with his dental picks.So the moment I saw him picking up his dental tools in his hand, my legs automatically crisscrossed and hands went to my chest at once. Earlier, There used to be a woman who had a teeny tiny voice.She used to be very gentle on my teeth. She will go on talking something  while cleaning my …

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