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Tomato Mozzarella Panini

Tomato Mozarella cheese panini  is a must in my home for  a weekend brunch. The wholesome, crunchy, chewy and warm Ciabatta bread is not a thing to miss. I got a ravishing red panini maker as a christmas gift from my husband. Alright, let me put it right. I nagged my husband to gift me a panini maker for  the Christmas. So then on, we have been hooked on to the panini sandwiches. If you do not have a panini maker, try to grill the sandwich on a dosa tawa. It will turn out to be good as well.

Cooking Essentials
Ciabatta bread                 two breadstomatoes                           2basil leaves                       5 leavesbalsmic vinegar                 1tbspBasil pesto sauce              to spread on each breadEgg omelette                    1mozzarella cheese              shredded 2tbspcooking oil                        1tbspsalt
How to Make?

In a small pan, heat a tbsp of oil and add chopped tomatoes ,basil leaves and little salt and saute until the tomatoes are mushy and soft. …

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