Watermelon Popsicle

Yay!!! It's Summer time!!! Isn't just the right time of the year? Peeps.We awaited a long  time to pass over  this gloomy, sulky rainy days  and yes, finally we are catching some sunshine. Put on your shoes, get out of the house and grab a lot of Vitamin D. Hoping that this is just a late start for this year and much more warmer days ahead. So stay calm! Summer is full of activities and with kids around it is evidently exhausting. Back in my school days, I spent most of my lovely summer days at my granny's house which is barely ten miles away from my home in Coimbatore. My brother and I used to pack our clothes in huge bags before even we completed our final annual exam. And on the last day of our school, we somehow managed to dodge all the ink spraying kids in the school and reached our home spotless and left to our granny's house in no time. Those memories are etched in my mind for a lifetime. It was a sort of story book childhood which is truly a reminiscent of loving people and touchy events. My second most favorite thing of summer is water melons. This ancient fruit  gives me a cool and refreshing thought. Did I say ancient? Yes, It is an ancient fruit  dated back to the Egyptian period somewhere around 4000bc. This amazing fruit with so much water content and high antioxidants, carotenoids and low calorie fruit can combat heat  so effectively. I surprised my DS with this delicious water melon popsicles on a hot day. He loved it so much and I think you should  also make it for your little ones to beat the heat.

What you need?
  • 1 pound watermelon- around 4cups
  • 2-3tbsp sugar
  • lime juice 1tbsp
How to make?
  •  Blend 4 cups of water melon along with sugar and lime juice.
  • squeeze out the juice with a sieve. press out maximum juice  from the pulp.
  • pour the juice into popsicle molds ( I got mine  in ikea) and freeze until it solidifies.
  • Enjoy the cool watermelon popsicles with your kiddos.


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