Dry Fruits Ladoo

This is such a simple  and healthy yet a delicious dish.  I had seen dry fruit ladoos in sweet shops but I was not so fond of it until my friend's mom packed me some delicious handmade ladoos all the way from Hyderabad. During that time, I was pregnant with my daughter and I had a huge cravings for almost anything called food. Since I am someone who is not a big fan of over powering sugars, I fell in love with the mild sweet from the dates and the crunchy goodness of the mixed nuts. And I really would like to take a moment to thank my friend's mom  for her kindness and thoughtfulness.  It was so  yummy and delicious.

And Thus dry fruits ladoos climbed up to the top most place in my food bucket list.I have already made it a couple of times and turned out to be good each and every time. It's not a time consuming dish. And all the more, it's a guaranteed healthy snack for the weight watchers. It has a good shelf life when stored in an air tight container for about a month. 

Chopped Nuts work fine for this recipe. If you tend to blend the nuts in a blender, nuts will be powdered, so avoid blending. Nut chopper will work great or try chopping with a knife . Best way is to buy chopped nuts. I bought chopped nuts.  Also, Pulse the  dates in a blender for one or two seconds. Do not make it  into a paste.

Cooking Essentials
  • Chopped almonds         1/4 cup
  • Chopped pistachios      1/4cup
  • Chopped cashews        1/4cup
  • Raisins                          3tbsp
  • Dates                             1cup
  • cardamom powder        1tsp
  • Ghee/ Clarified butter  1tbsp

  • Heat a pan with a tbsp of ghee  and add raisins and saute for few seconds. add all the chopped nuts and  roast it for 2 minutes. do not make it brown. Roast it to heat the nuts and to get  the crunchiness and nutty flavor. Add in cardamom powder. Cook in medium flame.
  • Put the pulsed dates and stir  it occasionally for another 2 minutes.
  • Put of the stove and transfer the contents to a large plate and start making the ladoo balls immediately.
  • Dry fruits and dates can be made into small lemon size balls when the contents are hot.  Cooling the mixture will be difficult to make perfect ladoos.
  • I am sure this is an addictive snack, pop the dry fruit ladoos in your mouth whenever you pass by the kitchen.


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