Garlic Butter naan

One of my misconception  was  that we cannot make naans at home and also, we need a tandoor oven to make naans.  I had a bad experience when i tried my hands on naan for the first time few years ago. It was a huge blunder. The dough was not in a good consistency and also, the yeast which i used was not very good and so the dough did not raise up properly. Finally, after all the hullabaloo the cooked naan from the oven was like frisbees. i went crazy because i had made the best vegetable ball manchurians of my life as a side dish for the naans and my beautiful dinner night got ruined. This made me not to turn back towards cooking naan for  couple of years. i used to buy store bought naans and just heat it up and eat with delicious gravies. Very recently, i had this huge cravings for home made naan, and thus took it as a challenge to prepare the best naans ever. And this time i cooked the best softest breads ever and it  tasted great. I used the oven to bake garlic naans. 

Cooking Essentials:

All purpose flour           3cups
minced garlic pods        3tbsp
ghee                             3tbsp
yogurt                          1cup
salt                               to taste
dry active yeast             1 packet or  2-1/2tsp
baking soda                   1tsp
cilantro                         few chopped
kalonji seeds                  2tsp to sprinkle on the naan
canola oil                       2tbsp
butter or ghee                 2tbsp
water                             as per requirement
sugar                             2tsp
milk                              3tsbp

How to cook?
  • First of all, empty the yeast content in a bowl along with 2tsp of sugar and half a cup of water. Leave it aside for 10 minutes.
  • Sift all purpose flour.baking soda,salt into a large bowl and add yogurt, minced galics (reserve some garlic for sprinkle on the naan before baking). add kalonji seeds, canola oil, butter,milk and  yeast along with warm water and knead the dough for 10 minutes. add more warm water if necessary.the dough has to be soft and elastic.
  • add little oil to the kneaded dough such that the dough does not stick to the bowl. now cover the the bowl with food wrapper and seal it airtight. let this dough sit for 3 to 4hrs.
  • After 4hrs the dough should be double the size. Now you can divide the dough into 8 equal parts and roll it into the desired shape along with the lot of whole whear flour to dust. stretch the dough to 8 inches long and sprikle some garlic, kalonji seeds, cilantro.
  • Preheat the oven to 450 degree and set the broil mode. also place the pizza stone or greased baking trays in the oven.
  • apply little water to the sides of the naan and just place them on the preheated baking trays and cook it for 2 minutes on one side and flip the naan the other side and cook it for 2  minutes. you can see bubbles on the cooked naan and browned sides of the garlic naan.
  • you can even cook naans on a tawa by placing the naans on heavy bottomed skillets. cook the naan on both the sides by applying butter to it. after cooking one side of the naan, gently remove the skillet and place the naan on the direct flame and cook till you get bubbles on the naan. place them on a basket and serve it with your favorite curries.


    i did not use kalonji seeds / nigella seeds.


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