Thai Pineapple fried Rice (vegetarian)

Hello all, i am super excited to come back to the blogging world with an exotic Thai pineapple fried rice. Thai cuisine is  my husband's all time  favourite food. i guess it's mainly because of the aromatic  flavors and  the closeness it shares with the Indian cuisine. i always liked the addition of fish sauce in the Thai foods at the restaurants but since my hubby is a vegetarian i avoided fish sauce / oyster sauce. The ingredients i used here are available in any of your local grocery stores.

Cooking Essentials:

cooked jasmine rice                  2 cup
vegetable broth                        1
cut and blanched veggies          1cup (carrots, broccoli,peas,)
Roma tomatoes                       1 diced
red bell peppers                       cut into strips
chopped mushrooms               2
chopped garlic                        1tsp
spring onions                          2tbsp
diced pineapples                      1/2cup
onions (yellow or sweet onion)   1 sliced
cashew nuts                            10 nos
raisins                                     few
soy sauce                                2tbsp
egg                                         2
cilantro                                   few
vegetable oil                            4tbsp

How to cook?
cook the jasmine rice separately with 2cups water and 1 cup vegetable broth and also add 1tbsp oil to it to avoid sticking.
Heat oil in a wok and fry in the cashew nuts, sliced onions, roma tomatoes and garlics. fry in the red bell peppers and all the other veggies. add the raisins and diced pineapples and saute it for a few minutes. Add the cooked rice and soy sauce to it and fry well. add eggs to  the one side of the wok and fry well. mix the rice well with the other veggies. don't forget to add the required salt.  garnish with cilantro and spring onions.


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